We never leave anything out when it comes to building vehicles for clients who want something top of the line. We took this brand 2021 Canam Maverick X3 XRS Smart Shox in Triple Black and turned it into a clean and functional Side by Side that’s ready to handle anything you can throw at it.

The Accessory Build Up.. What does is take to get it done?

We know you want to find out what it takes to build something like this Canam from the ground up, and it’ll start with a vehicle MSRP at $32499 and depending on how far you want to take it the accessories will roll on in from there. First things first, we start it out with a Set of Metal FX Hitman Beadlock wheels mounted to 33″ Proarmor Pro Runner tires. You can find these available on MotoExpo.com HERE. Now there are definitely other tire options you’ll find available and that we keep in stock, however for this car we wanted to run a 33″ tire, and we wanted it LIGHT!

Lighting, There is a TON of options now on the market. When it comes to who we use, we are extremely picky. Our top brands include Rigid Industries, KC, and Baja Designs. For the specific Lightbar on this we chose the Baja Designs s8 50″ in the Combo Pattern. Attached to the TMW cage this is the perfect amount of light at night, doesn’t stick up too high, and has a near lifetime warranty. We’ve had virtually no failures on Baja Designs products in the last decade as well! You can view that lightbar at MotoExpo.com HERE.

What about MORE Lights!? Yeah.. Say no more.

With the Sector Seven Mirrors product by Pro Moto Billet you’ll have a couple of things happen to your vehicle.

1. 210 Degrees of light across the front of your vehicle with 8000 Raw LUmens of output

2. Convex Glass that is conservatively 2.5x easier to see out of than any other mirror on the market

3. with the 6061 Billet Aluminum housing on the mirror, and full billet clamp that’s universal to fit nearly any UTV or SXS you’ll notice that the strength and the looks match the performance

4. It’s built in the USA! Manufactured, Designed, and Assembled all right here in the states.

5. It’s available on MotoExpo.com and almost always in stock! Shop Here

Suspension! Let’s talk about choices for your Maverick X3. With so many companies on the rise in the industry it can be hard to decipher what’s good, what’s affordable, and what is the best. We carry HCR Dual Sport, HCR Sportline, and S3 for front A Arm Kits. We’ve tried nearly every other company on the market, and quality and customer service only come true with these two.

For this specific build we chose to use the S3 Kit which comes powder coated black, with brackets if you have a smart shox vehicle, and we always use the upgraded bushings they have available. The kit retails for about $1299 ready to rock.

Gusset Kits, be sure you end up using a gusset kit whenever installing upgraded front A Arms, this will prevent the stock front mounting to weaken and elongate over time. We generally pick the Gusset kit that will match with the front bumper/bulkhead we are using. For this car we picked the TMW Gusset Kit.

Front Bumper, or “Bulkhead”. It’s not surprise if you spent any sort of time staring at the front of Canam Maverick X3 you’ll notice the Front Bumper is also the complete “Bulkhead” This means it supports all 4 front Arms and their mounting points. This also means it’s the first factor in helping your car stay alive if you take an impact!

We chose the TMW Pre Runner bumper for this build, which actually comes with two nice little removeable D Rings for tie down points as well. This customer chose not to get a winch, otherwise we would of went with the TMW Winch Bumper option!

Since we were already installing new front A Arms, New Bumper, we made sure to pair up the combo with the TMW Gusset Kit.

Seating, Safety, Comfort? Let’s talk about options! There are only two choices in the industry that make sense at this time. Simpson, or PRP. We had these brand new PRP XC Seats done with a material not generally used by PRP, and in a Diamond Stitched Center.

Harness’s we chose to stick with the Retractable OEM Canam until the client used them to decide if he wanted to go with a matching fixed harness from PRP as well.

When choosing seats, it comes down to a few factors but we find the material is very important for how long the seat will stay nice. But what is most important is if you’re comfortable! That’s why we keep them in stock at all times for you to try out!

Cage, Doors? I know you have all been wondering on this one but it’s obvious we only use SDR or TMW. Depending on availability and function we pick between the two companies often. This specific car got TMW for the cage utilizing front intrusion bar, 50″ lightbar mounts, and Dual rear whip tabs!

The Doors are quite amazing themselves from TMW, and what’s even better is the door bags they have for them!

The Door bags offered fill up nearly half the door with a giant pocket, and a huge padding area for you and your legs. We love these on long rides for storing snacks, water, gloves, and tools!

The TMW Door does go up a little higher than stock which help keeps your arms inside the vehicle incase of a roll over incident.

Lastly, We’ll talk about the tunes! We went with SSV Works Phase X Audio Kit which includes 2 Subwoofers, 2 Rear 8″ Speakers, 2 6.5″ front speakers, and 2 4.5″ Front speakers! All this powered up with 800 Watts and a great headunit the dash give you a ton of options to rock out on the trail, and plenty loud with your helmet on too!


  • Tires and Wheels: Metal FX Hitman/ ProArmor Prorunner 33″
  • Cage: TMW
  • Doors: TMW
  • Door Bags: TMW
  • Lighted Whips: Buggy Whip
  • Lightbar: Baja Designs
  • Mirrors: Sector Seven
  • Front Bumper: TMW
  • Gusset Kit: TMW
  • Strut Tower: TMW
  • Seats: PRP
  • Radius Rods: ZRP
  • Front A Arms: S3
  • Radius Rod Plate: DIRTSPEC
  • Power Controls: Switch Pros
  • Stereo: SSV Works

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