Why Should I Finance?

Over 90% of the Customers in industry choose to Finance their vehicle, And we offer the guaranteed best options for your Polaris or Canam.

We utilize financing from the two lead manufactures in the industry including Sheffield Financial, and Synchrony Financial.

What Are the Rates?

Current rates will vary per manufacture and promotion available.

Polaris Rates

3.99% for 36 Months

6.99% for 60 Months

7.49% for 72 Months

7.99% for 84 Months

Canam Rates

3.99% for 36 Months

6.99% for 60 Months

7.99% for 72 Months

8.5% for 84 Months

Will I Qualify?

There is really only one to find out, and that’s to submit for a financing request. Generally approvals are 650+ or Higher Credit scores. But there are other factors involved including length of your credit history, income to debt ratio, bad debt history, etc. If you have questions before submitting please call us at 925-682-9777 first!

How do I apply?

There are two options to Apply, You can call us at 925-682-9777 and provide us with your information over the phone!


Apply Direct to Sheffield Financial Here

*Note* If you apply direct with Sheffield Financial, You will need to retain the Confirmation Number and let us know. We will not know if you submitted financing this way!

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