2021 Canam Pre Order Release

So… You’ve been waiting to jump into the Side by Side World for some time now and low and behold everyone is SOLD OUT! Well now is the time to get ahead of the curve.

We’re doing $250 Pre-Order deposits on the 2021 vehicles. With the inglorious “Covid-19” Manufacturing was shut down for over 2+ months on new vehicles. In combination with the HUGE spike in sales during April, May, June, and continuing into July we’re seeing record numbers by 2 to 3x the usual amount.

Shipment for 2021 vehicles will begin in August and September, while left over 2020 vehicles will trickle in off production lines during July.

Financing Promotions will continue to be changed starting 7-1-2020 so we’ll be updated on the Current promotions. At this very moment we will not be running credit for the vehicle until we have a ship date locked in for them. So $250 gets you on the list, in order, and will apply to the balance of the machine.

What’s New for 2021?

Well! Canam has hit the ball out of the park again with the partnership in Fox they’ve come out with “Smart-Shox”. This new system is wildly advanced above the competition and monitors and rapidly adjusts the shocks unlike nothing else.

Smart Shox Vehicles are available in Desert Tan, or Triple black.

2 Seat Desert Tan Smart Shox XRS $29499
4 Seat Desert Tan Smart Shox XRS $32299

2 Seat Triple Black Smart Shox XRS $29299
4 Seat Triple Black Smart Shox XRS $32099

Now a plethora of other models are going to still be available from Canam with tons of new color options to pick from. Here is a complete list of 2021 Canam X3 with availability to drop your deposit right online!

Want more information? We’re open Tuesday to Saturday from 8am to 5pm. Call us at 925-682-9777 or email sales@concordpolaris.com.

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