We have no shortage of awesome red vehicle that we build here at Concord Polaris & Canam. Something about the color combo is just so perfect once completed! (Don’t worry if you hate red.. we have some sinister color combos in our bag of tricks).

2020 Polaris RZR Xp4 Turbo Indy Red

Now when it came to starting this build off, the first thing we did was strip away what we did not need including the stock Roll Cage, Tires/Wheels, and factory seat belts. Once Removed we’re able to start the process by bolting up a Brand new SDR Motorsports “Shorty” cage powdercoated and a perfect matching RD01 by Melrose Coatings in Oakland, CA.

SDR Motorsports “Shorty” Cage

What’s the second thing you do when you get a new fancy SDR Cage? Well it’s safety that goes hand in hand with the new cage. Simpson Harness’s are installed utilizing there 2″ Padded setup. While these harness’s are sold in a 5point configuration, we generally only install the Sub Belt on request as 90% of recreational users are not using them. To ensure the harness’s are going to work we cut in Dragonfire Racing Seat bezels so your new harness will actually function by passing through the Seat.

Simpson harness’s and Dragonfire Racing Seat Bezels

When it comes to lighting, we don’t mess around. We sell the top 4 brands including Rigid Industries, Baja Designs, KC, and Vision X. When it comes down to it.. They’re all high quality items with amazing warranty options. So we picked what would match! Rigid Industries created the “Radiance” Series which has a subtle back lit light for those early morning or late night situations to get a little “Glow” in your rig. The 30″ Radiance up top, and 10″ Radiance down below pack over 16,000 Lumens combined which means you won’t have any situation to dim.

Rigid Industries Radiance 10″ Lightbar Back Lit Red

Lighted Whips up top were provided by Sick Stick. These hand made whips have a machined base with quick release pin for quick disconnect situations into the garage/trailer/etc. Utilizing a 4pin connector for wiring gives these full RGB color patterns to change between and a plethora of modes to keep any youngster occupied for hours.

Sick Stick Dual 4ft Rear Lighted Whips

Tire and Wheel, this is a timeless classis here at Concord using the Fuel Gripper “TRK” Kevlar 32″ with a Method 15″ 401 UTV Beadlock Wheel. This 15×7″ Wheel and 32″ Tire has got to be one of the most bullet proof combo’s we’ve ever put out. We color matched the beadlock ring once again with the RD01 Powdercoat. The aggressive stance is part tire height, but mostly wheel offset!

32″ Fuel Gripper “TRK” and 15″ Method 401 UTV Beadlock Wheel

Lower Doors, and accent lights. We don’t always leave the factory options to the dust when it comes to our builds. We often like to mix and match depending on the “Look” and function of a build. Utilizing the OEM Lower doors we’re able to seal off the cab perfectly while maintaining the matching factory upper door graphics and latches. The accent light kit may come standard on the higher up models, but we decided to add it on for this build!

Polaris Front Accent Fang Light kit

There’s a lot of choices when it comes to building or buying your new side by side. This is a specific option that’s built for the Northern California rider in mind, with it’s only 68-69″ width after the tire and wheel combo is installed it’s designed to fit in your toy hauler, and the trail!

A lot of limiting factors in a toy hauler is length, this rig is at just 146″ overall to keep you in the limits of that rear located toy hauler garage. At about 70″ of overall vehicle height I wouldn’t be concerned fitting it in under the rear bed either.

2020 Polaris RZR XP4 Turbo


This build package is “Turn Key” meaning it’s ready to rock for any terrain you can throw at it. MSRP Started at $22,699 before adding a single accessory to it, right now with everything included and available accessory discounts it’s at $27,899 plus Fees. For a detailed quote, be sure to email us at sales@concordpolaris.com or call 925-682-9777. Don’t be afraid to drop your contact info into the Live Chat as well.

  • Frank Cope

    love this car !! live in tulsa ok we can only get stock utv’s here at high prices no one wants to outfit their cars. i am buying in may to early june . iI have a few things i would want different on this car small stuff but that is my idea of how a build should look !!! i see where you guys finance !! i am looking forward to talking to you guys !

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