2020 Canam Maverick X3 Custom Build “Tealy”

With performance at hand, There was no questions asked when we started with the Brand new 2020 Canam Maverick X3 XRS Turbo RR in Triple Black. This is the same platform that built the MotoExpo.com Shop vehicle from. This Maverick X3 Custom Build is one of our hands down Favorites to date. We work with the highest quality companies in the industry to ensure that when put together a build here at Concord Polaris & Canam, that everything is done right, with a warranty, customer service to boot.

We specialize in building functional, and well equipped side by sides that are tailored to your needs. Everything seen on this vehicle is available on MotoExpo.com, or in store for pickup.


If you want to customize your own build, we’re looking at 7-14 day turn around time on average. We work with our clients on a budget minded goal to determine where you’re wanting to use your Side by Side. Many factors will play a huge roll into what Accessories we should focus on first. Whether you’re looking for a Maverick X3 Custom Build or a Polaris RZR Build, We are #1 when it comes to off road and side by sides. We work nearly around the clock here in Concord to keep timelines where they need to be!

Build Breakdown

Roll Cage

When it came to starting this new Canam X3 Custom build, we looked no further than utilizing SDR Motorsports for our Shorty Roll Cage. SDR Motorsports is based out of Corona, CA and is the premiere custom manufacture of accessories including Cages, Doors, Bumpers, and one-off custom projects. This cage setup features CNC bent and laser notched .095 DOM tube with front intrusion bar, roof bracing, and gusseting along with rear whip tabs and aluminum roof. This specific cage features the front light pocket to fit a 40″ Lightbar.

SDR Motorsports Shorty Cage with Intrusion bar and Light Pocket for X3

Wheels and Tires

There is no confusion in this build, it has the nicest wheels to ever be made for side by sides. Well, it might just have some of the nicest wheels ever made in general.. Metal FX Offroad is the same company as 1221, and Schott Wheels, and if you spend two seconds on those website you’ll realize what kind of class you just stepped into. These custom 3 piece wheels feature two peice outer rim halves with a machined inner face. The beadlock ring, center, cap and face are all coated, then re-machined for that contrast cut look. Price’s start on those wheels at $499/wheel for non beadlock and venture up from there. You can find them elusively on MotoExpo.

Tires were easy, There is a lot of choices but we narrowed it down to the SandSports SXS Paddles. These 32″ Monster feature a #1 Cut paddle and offer all the strength, traction and ground clearance we need to haul ass in the dunes. While lighter weight options are available we do prefer the beefy tire for the Northern California/Nevada duning options.

Metal FX Assassin Beadlocks mounted with SandSports SXS 32″ Paddles

Seating and Harness’s

You’ll be literally rest-assured that safety is our #1 Concern here at Concord Polaris & Canam. That’s why we want to make sure there is an understanding between us, the client, and our suppliers that we ONLY utilize the best options. When it came to the seats, the Simspon Prosport Widebody seat was the “no-Brainer” option. The Simpson Seating division is formerly twisted switch, and as of 2016 it’s been switched over. For 3-4 years we no have been able to offer the highest quality seating options in the market, while utilizing there tried and true tested 4-5pt 2″ Padded Harness’s.


Well, There’s a lot of good choices in this space and it comes down to personal preference. For the look on this build we went with the Rigid Industries SR 40″ Lightbar in a combo pattern. We feel this offers you a lifetime warranty, and the best bang for the buck in getting high out put LED lighting with out pulling too much amperage from a stock Canam Charging system.

Rigid Industries SR 40″ Combo led Lightbar

Up top inside we flush mounted wiring and a dome light for a Clear White Rigid Industries A Series dome light.

Out back, Sick Stick Lighted whips are the least problematic and easiest company to deal with ever. In over 4 years, we have yet to see a failure on one of there whips. That speaks volumes in this market.

Sick Stick Dual 4ft Lighted Whips


Here comes the BOOM. Rockford Fosgate has brought the heat with the brand new X317-Stage5 Stereo kits for the 2017-2020 Canam Maverick X3. These new kits feature everything you want, and then even a little extra.

Two under seat subwoofers, head unit up top, front dash speakers, rear pod speakers, and all the amplifier adjustment you’ll need to dial it on properly.

PMX2 Rockford Fosgate Head unit in the X3 Mount
Rockford Fosgate Rear Mounted Stage 5 Speaker Pods

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