Evolution Powersports ECU Tuning *RZR XP TURBO*


Looking to turn your RZR into a rocketship? Let us take care of you with our knowledgable performance background.



Concord Polaris & Can Am Is California’s leading performance expert in UTV’s and Side by Sides. We are an authorized Evolution Powersports in house flashing dealer. Take your Polaris or Can Am and turn it into an animal! Tuning is available in Stages 1-6 for RZR, and 1-7 for Maverick x3. This pricing is for sending in your ECU , bringing in your ECU, or bringing your vehicle for in for reflash.

RZR XP Turbo (2017-2018) – RZR XP TURBO S 2018

Stage 1 Tune (91 Octane/Stock Exhaust) $449

-Stage 1 is not the most popular, at 140hp to the wheels, there is more to be gained by adding exhaust at stage 2!

Stage 2 Tune (91 Octane/Exhaust/Blow Off Valve) $499

-Stage 2 is our most popular, bumping the REAR WHEEL HORSEPOWER to 150. (20 over stock)

Stage 3 Tune (93 Octane/Exhaust/Blow Off Valve) $549

-Stage 3 is going to jump up the power a little more than stage 2,  however in CA we don’t have good access to 93 Octane. So this is mostly an out of state tune 153RWHP

Stage 4R Tune (95 OCtane/Exhaust/Injectors) ($1049)

-Jumping up the HP numbers again substantially, you’ll have to determine if 95 is accessible to you and makes sense in your application. This tune includes Injectors and Spark Plugs. 157RWHP

Stage 5R (E85/Exhaust/Injectors/Fuel Pump) $1199

-Running e85 is more accessible, but do keep in mind this fuel has a short shelf life, and creates a pro-longed crank in the vehicle. This option is not for the everyday person and will require some extra maintenance. That being said dollar for dollar this is an absolute ROCKETSHIP of a setup. Includes fuel pump, injectors, and spark plugs as well. 162RWHP


We highly recommend running a Slip On or Full Exhaust from Evolution Powersports, Or Trinity Racing. Both will get the job done, and are different styles of systems. We also recommend running the Evolution Powersports blow off valve. This BOV will eliminate potential overboost codes thrown by the ECU and keep you running safe reliable power! Other items are also available including High Flow Intake, Charge tube, Bypass Tube, and more.

In addition to huge horse power gains, don’t forget some of the most beneficial items.

-Rev Limiters Raised by 500RPM in High and Low Range

-Speed Limiters Raised 15mph in High Range

-Speed Limiters Raised 10mph in Low Range

-Speed Limiters Rasied 9mph in Reverse

-No piggyback controllers or issues to deal with

-Reduced Engine temperature by lowering fan turn on time


Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 in



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