Method Race Wheels & Tensor Tire Combo Package (Set of 4)

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The 401 UTV Beadlock is the premier wheel for the serious racer or enthusiast. The wheel includes a forged 6061 beadlock ring along with Grade 8 Zinc plated mounting hardware. This matte black wheel and ring is available from 12”-15” and has a load rating of 1600 lbs.

With thick 8-ply construction, DOT approval, and a tread design based off of truck tires rather than ATV tires, the Tensor Regulator is the All-Terrain you’ve been waiting for.

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We have professionally mounted a (4) set of 30″ Tensor Regulator A/T Tires to Method Race Wheels 14×7 401 UTV Beadlock Wheels.

Method Race Wheels 14×7  401 UTV Wheels

– 14″ x 7″  13/4+3 Offset 4x156mm Bolter Pattern

Regulator A/T 30x10x14AT

– DOT Approved

– 8-Ply Construction with Nylon reinforcement layer

– Steel belted inner and outer bead

– Wider footprint for enhanced handling and braking

– Variable tread pattern delivers smoothest, quietest ride possible

– Deep tread lugs on shoulders for improved cornering traction


Additional information

Weight 150 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 in


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