Method Race Wheels 401 and Tensor 32″ DS Tire *SET*

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The 32″ Tensor DS Race Tire. The lightest weight 32″ Tire on the market by a long shot. Paired up with the strongest and most reputable wheel from Method Race Wheels.

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Technical Details

Tire Size: 32×10.00R15
Sidewall: Black Sidewall w/ White & Black Lettering
Max Load: 1600 lbs
Tire Rating: 8 Ply
DOT Approved: No
Overall Diameter: 32″
Tread Type: Radial All Terrain

When Tensor Tire blasted onto the scene with the durable Regulator tire almost two years ago, everyone in the industry knew that a new player was in town. But it wasn’t until 2016 when Tensor Tire would introduce the 32″ tall Desert Series (DS) race tire that hardcore enthusiasts and racers really began to give the brand some serious attention. While the Regulator continues to excel, the DS has exploded prompting top racers, teams and builders to give this innovative tire and brand the respect it deserves

As UTV platforms continue to evolve at the factory level, and as builders & racers of UTVs continue to push the limits, the need for taller, lighter and stronger tires has increased. It wasn’t long ago that 30″ was huge for a UTV, not 32″ is quickly becoming the norm both for performance and appearance. Soon it will become standard and 33″, maybe even 35″ tall tires will become sizes that these ever evolving machines choose to run. For now, the 32″ tall tire falls in line both with rules for desert racing as well as the overall performance of the UTVs both competing and playing in the hard pack desert terrain.

The biggest factor in building up custom race & play UTVs is weight. In stock form, sport UTVs are at their best as it pertains to power-to-weight ratio. With every beefed up aftermarket component you also beef up the wight of the machine thus lessoning the punch of these still relatively small displacement vehicles. We have seen the emergence of carbon fiber, titanium, and billet aluminum as staple materials in our custom machines all in hopes of keeping the weight down as we continue to push the envelope of strength and design. One major pitfall as it pertains to tires has been the ever increasing weight as we continue to utilize bigger wheels and tires.

Tensor Tire became well aware of this factor with the development of the Regulator. Tensor has worked closely with racers since day 1 and felt the increased pressure from their sponsored drivers and consumers for a lighter tire that did not sacrifice strength and durability. So when Tensor went to work on the DS they knew they not only wanted to build a robust and functional 32″ tall tire, but also one that helped racers keep the rotating mass, unsprung weight and overall weight to a minimum. Up until its introduction, consumers were sort of stuck with their options.

Tensor didn’t just focus on weight. Compound, tread design, and overall appearance was also high on the list of priorities. What resulted was the introduction of a MADE IN THE USA 32x10xR15 “race specific” tire that features 8 ply construction, sporting signature sidewall ribs to increase side puncture resistance. A thick block tread pattern that provided for maximum track patch and gave us the ability to groove & “sipe” for the specific needs and wants of the end user. Best part yet besides the 1600 lb. load capacity, the tire weighed in at 33 lbs. making it the lightest 32″ tall tire on the market by 3 lbs!

This PATENTED DESIGN has become the premier 32″ tire on the market and is now being used by not only top teams competing in the UTV desert racing scene, but also by custom builders and enthusiasts all over the world. The trademark ribs, narrow yet strong stance have given the Tensor DS a signature look that has been yet to be matched by any other tire company currently on the market. It has also forced the hand of other tire manufacturers to step their game up and look to develop their own products with more emphasis on research & design. The days of telling a UTV racer that he has to race an oversized ATV tire or an over weight light truck tire are long gone!


4. TT321015DS60

4. MR40157046543B

Additional information

Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 15 in


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