JL Audio 3 Speaker Complete Stereo Package for RZR XP


With this top of the 3 speaker system, you won’t be let down. The glovebox mounted subwoofer enclosured and vex pod speaker enclosures will keep you rocking!

3 in stock (can be backordered)

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We’ve done A LOT of stereo’s over the years in these machines, and we’ve come to find out what works good, and what works GREAT. This package utilizes all JL Audio components to put together a system that will make any of your friends Jealous

JL Audio Vex Pods #91569

JL Audio Vex Pod Clamps 1.75″ #91182

JL Audio MX300/1 Amplifier (Subwoofer) #98406

JL Audio MX280/4 Amplifier (Bridged for rear Speakers) #98405

JL Audio Subwoofer Enclosure w/ 10Tw3 Subwoofer #94620

JL Audio RCA Interconnects and Remote Line Driver with Bass Knob

#90484 x3          #90433 x2            #98117 x1

JL Audio Bluetooth Controller w/ Volume and Next Track Control and Power On/Off #91127

Concord Polaris fabricated and powder coated custom amplifier plate

Comes 80% Prewired, some skill level will be required to install this kit. Speaker Wires may need to be extended for 4 Seat Machines.

Additional information

Weight 80 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 36 × 30 in


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