HCR Long Travel Dual Sport Elite Hybrid Kit


Top of the Line Long Travel Suspension for your 2014-2017 Polaris RZR XP 1000 or XP Turbo

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These kits are generally special ordered for your rig depending on your setup. Dial it in for your 2014 Polaris RZR XP or RZR XP Turbo! We Customize the kit with an Elite upper A-arm and a Dual Sport Lower!

This Complete Suspension kit works with all years and models as they are custom built to order:

All Years Standard XP1000 2 & 4 Seat Models
Fox Edition
Factory Turbo Edition
Any Special Edition RZR XP1000
With the unveiling of the Polaris XP1000, HCR Racing proudly introduced the biggest, baddest, bolt on suspension upgrade on the market. The goal: to exceed all expectations in quality, design, and performance.


HCR’s proprietary billet, slot and tab design and honeycomb boxed arms are built to withstand the beatings of rigorous off-road riding which achieving the optimal combination of strength and appeal. The custom HCR alloy used to build every kit is 30% stronger than 4130 Cromoly in both heat treated and yield strength.  Every external weld is an internal plate structured into the design. while more cost effective to run tube ends for ball joints , all HCR kits run a 4130 heat treated billet end allowing all internal and external plating to be attached to this billet eliminating a potential weak point. Billets are available in both balljoint and spherical applications. 


Each HCR XP1000 kit comes with a custom built set of shocks, tested and proven by the owner of King himself. HCR is a King Shock exclusive company so we are able to provide the best product and customer service to go over and beyond for our customers. an HCR XP1000 Long Travel shock package is a complete custom setup built as a true off road shocks from the King Pure Race Series Line. These shocks are both longer in stroke and eye to eye with custom valving and spring rate to work with a shock tower and relocate mounting points closer to the ball joint rather than the middle of the arm. These shocks, along with the HCR shock tower,  provide optimal performance and handling in the roughest terrain. With this shock package also comes a 3 months shock tuning guarantee.  If you are still unhappy with your shocks after initial setup, the customer has up to 3 months to call HCR and schedule a tuning session with King at no charge. Shocks come in HCR Black and silver, a $400 upgrade, at no additional charge. Traditional KING blue may also be ordered upon request. 

 Customized Shock Package

for the rear, internal bypass shocks with finned remote reservoirs are included standard with every kit. This needle valve technology can be setup with light valving at ride height to deliver a smooth comfortable ride while still providing substantial dampening force at full compression preventing bottoming out during hard use.  Front shocks are 12″ stroke piggy backs with a soft initial hit and flutter stacks for high speed. Proper springs are provided to still allow full articulation of all 21″ of travel in both high and low speed situations.  These shocks also come standard with billet compression adjusters which allow for 30% adjustment range with a click of a dial. Please note rebound has already been tuned into the valving based on unsprung weight. 

IBP Front Upgrade

Intended for the Aggressive Duners, Racers, and those who like to push it that much harder. This upgrade extends the same internal bypass technology included in the rear shocks to all 4 corners. This patented needle-valve design allows for less bottoming and shock fatigue on square edges, G outs, long distance racing, jumping, etc. where the front end needs a little more. While a little more harsh on initial deflection, these IBP’s get pushed, the smoother the ride. 

3.0 Rear IBP Upgrade

Reminder: HCR shocks are Full Offroad Shocks, not UTV shocks. An HCR Race Series King 2.5 has a larger piston and internals than a standard  3.0 UTV shock. This will also add and additional 16lbs per corner. 3.0 shocks should only be considered in BITD/ SCORE/ Long Distance Race application. 


A shock tower is included with every HCR XP1000 Long Travel Kit. This reduces the amount of compound leverage to achieve a closer to 1:1 motion ration for less shock fatigue. This allows for better valving and lighter spring rates. Chromoly CNC’d suspension mounting points and a bolt on shock tower increase the strength and integrity of the stock chassis. 

Please note that Long Travel system will not work with stock rims. A minimum of 1″ of offset is needed with 4″ or less backspacing. I.E. 4+3



The track width has been increased by 4 inches on either side, with a 3 inch longer wheelbase for added travel and stability. 1.25 inches additional clearance has also been added to all arms for added ground clearance. 



RCV extended axle bars are included with the purchase of each kit. These 4340 Chromoly axles boast twice the strength of a stock axle and produce the highest torque test numbers of any aftermarket UTV axle. RCV also offers Tip to Tip assemblies for the HCR Long Travel kit as an upgrade.these complete half shaft replacements are designed as a hybrid between a convention UTV plunging CV axle still and RCV patented “bootless” technology. Proven to be almost 3X stronger than factory Components. Both shafts and completes are 100% manufactured and assembled in the USA.

depending on what riding style, the correct link can make all the difference…


high links are recommended for the recreational trail rider or Rock crawler. These proprietary boxed high links are built out of the same Custom Alloy as all HCR kits. Internal structuring is added for increased strength and fully hand-tig welded for strength and aesthetics. All needed hardware is included using delrin bushings and crush sleeves.
radius rods are recommended for the dual sport rider or pure duner. The straight link is optimal for bottoming and side load impact as it lacks any natural bends. Built out of light but strong .090 wall chromoly tubing , CNC’d bungs and FK bearing heims


These heavy duty HCR Race links follow the same design as the standard radius rod with material increased to .120 wall tubing. The 5/8-18 heims are availible in Right hand or left hand combinations for adjustable or non – adjustable link preferences.


Front sway bar tabs can be added at no charge during time of initial order. Great to work with Fox Edition XP1000 or Factory Turbo Models. This kit is also available for separate purchase if switching kit from older Unit to newer model; or would simply like to add on this feature. Compatible with Factory Sway bar tabs. Aftermarket Sway bar tabs will need to be addressed individually with the manufacturer.


Tired of losing your rear end to a bolt? Never again with this Heavy Duty Back Plate Setup. This double shear system with upgraded bolts eliminates horizontal movement due to lose / stretched bolts allowing the factory bolt to shear.

7/16″ ID Setup Includes:

      • Back Plate with Larger 7/16″ ID Bolt Holes
      • Upper and Lower Brace tab to weld onto the Frame for double shear design. This will need to be tacked and welded to frame after Backplate is installed.
      • 7/16 ID F 911 Grade 9 Aircraft Bolts
      • larger misalignment spacers or crush sleeves to use with larger diameter bolt
      • Please note factory bolt holes on frame will need to be drilled out to 7/16″ ID to accommodate larger Setup.



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